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We Can Preserve & Protect Your Chimney With Waterproofing Chimney Maintenance

Q: What’s the best way to keep your chimney working and looking great, year after year?
A: Annual maintenance, including waterproofing chimney maintenance!

Here at Fireplace Safety Services, we’ve seen everything from beautiful, historic chimneys to modern masonry chimneys destroyed by water. And the worst part is, we could have helped prevent this destruction!


Our technicians work with a waterproofing product that was designed specifically for use with chimney masonry. It was created to allow small vapor molecules (like those produced during combustion) to exit through the sealant without allowing larger water molecules to enter. In this way, it allows masonry the porosity it needs without allowing water to negatively impact the masonry.

How Is It Different From The Products I See At My Local Hardware Store?

Good question. Most of the waterproofing products on the market don’t allow breathability, which is something that chimney masonry needs! In fact, most of these products do work to keep water out, but they also trap vapor inside of the masonry, where it can do just as much damage as the rainwater, were it allowed access.

These products, along with paint and other “solutions” to water problems, can actually end up causing even more damage to the system. But with Fireplace Safety Services, you can get the water protection you need without compromising the chimney and its ability to vent vapor.

Does It Really Make That Much Of A Difference?

Yes! When water gains access to your masonry and metal chimney components, it can cause all sorts of damage and decay. For example:

  • Water can freeze and thaw within your masonry, expanding and contracting and causing the brick to crumble and deteriorate from the inside out. Water can also cause spalling, which is when your brick’s facing falls off – not a pretty sight.
  • Water can also cause your mortar to crumble and crack, compromising the structural integrity of the entire chimney.
  • Water that gets into your chimney can rust and eat away at metal components like your flue liner, your damper and your firebox.

And it’s not just your chimney you have to be worried about. The walls and ceiling around your chimney can also be stained and destroyed.

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Very often, the source of chimney leaks will be in problems with the flashing and we have the experience you need to get the problem fixed!

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