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If You Need Repairs, Maintenance Or Troubleshooting For Your Gas Or Wood-Burning Appliance, We Can Help!

When something goes wrong with your gas or wood-burning fireplace, insert, stove, or firepit, it can be really difficult to know what steps to take to restore its safety and function. But here at Fireplace Safety Services, we’ve been providing the residents of the greater San Francisco area with comprehensive fireplace and chimney care, including repairs, maintenance and troubleshooting services, for over 30 years.

We know what to look for, how to address any problems we find and what to do to prevent problems with the appliance in the future.

Keep Up With Annual Maintenance & Cleanings

Keeping up with annual inspections and cleanings is easily the best way to keep your system working properly long-term. When you have the professionals here at Fireplace Safety Services perform inspections of your appliance and venting system every year (and clean it as needed), you can be confident in the condition of your system every time you sit down to enjoy a fire.

Inspections will help us detect any flaws, blockages, damages, fire hazards or other issues with your appliance and venting system that can detract from the safety, efficiency and enjoyment of your fire.

When performed annually, these inspections and cleanings can prevent the need for repairs – but should you ever need repairs, look no further than Fireplace Safety Services.

Common Repairs We Perform

Some of the most common repairs we make to appliances and their systems include:

  • Part Replacement (Chimney Cap, Crown, Damper) – If you have a fireplace and venting system, it’s important that your chimney cap, crown and damper be installed properly and in good working condition. Unfortunately, we find that this is often not the case. Whether you need your crown repaired or rebuilt or your damper or chimney cap replaced, we can provide quality products and professional installation services that will restore your system once more.
  • Relining – Whether gas or wood-burning, if your appliance works in conjunction with a venting system, it’s important that the chimney liner be constructed of the proper material and in great condition. If this is not the case, we can provide you with a new, durable liner.
  • Brickwork/Masonry Repair – If your fireplace, firepit or chimney has damaged or missing mortar or brick, we can make repairs that will help restore its functionality and structural integrity. We can also provide waterproofing services to keep weather-related damage from occurring in the future.
  • Smoke Chamber – The smoke chamber of the fireplace is another common area in need of repairs. It takes on a great deal of heat and smoke and may need to be parged smooth for added efficiency and safety.

We Can Keep Your System Looking & Working The Way It Should!

Regardless of whether your appliance is wood-burning or gas-burning, our experts know what it takes to keep it working and looking great. Give us a call at 415-252-0676 or click here for all of your repair, maintenance and troubleshooting needs!


We have the skills and experience to create the built-in fireplace you’ve been dreaming of. Whether you’re planning to burn gas or wood, talk to Fireplace Safety Services about our professional installation services.

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Mike and Kelly did a great job! Mike is such a fascinating guy in that he has a true passion for his work and his knowledge is beyond reproach. He’s a great guy to heave on your team! Thanks again for your help!
~ David D., San Francisco