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Is Your Leak From Faulty Or Damaged Flashing? We’re Your Flashing Repair & Installation Experts!

When you notice water in your chimney and the walls and ceilings surrounding it, it can be difficult to determine where in the chimney or roof water is gaining access. Some of the most common sources of water penetration are:

  • Faulty or missing chimney caps
  • Poorly constructed or poorly maintained crowns
  • Damaged masonry
  • Poorly installed or poorly maintained flashing

All of the chimney’s components require proper installation and maintenance if they’re to effectively keep water out, but poorly installed flashing is something we come across almost every day on the job.

What Is Flashing?

Flashing is a series of metal strips that is designed to protect the seam where roof and chimney meet. By strategically laying these strips, we’re able to seal the area and encourage water to run off of the roof instead of settling in this vulnerable area.

If properly installed, flashing can do a great job of protecting the area for years. Unfortunately, proper installation isn’t all that common. But it isn’t just installation that determines the effectiveness of flashing. Here are a few other reasons flashing fails:

  • Dents or bends made by wind, weather or animals can allow water to gather and rust through.
  • Animals can tamper with the flashing, pulling it up, denting it and even removing it.
  • Shifts within the house can lead to separations between the flashing and the chimney or roof.
  • Having a new roof installed can detract from the flashing’s effectiveness. That’s why it’s important to have a chimney professional reevaluate or reinstall flashing after a roofing job.

How Can I Tell If My Flashing Needs Work? Do I Have To Wait ‘Til I See Water?

Absolutely not! During annual inspections, our technicians check the flashing for proper installation and effectiveness. If we notice a problem, we’ll let you know where the issue lies and how we suggest the issue be addressed.

Whether we need to do a simple repair or install brand new flashing, you can count on our technicians to do the job right.

We can also install a “cricket”, which is a component of flashing that is installed where the roofline leads into the chimney. Its sole purpose is to direct water away from the chimney stack, so that this area stays as dry as possible.

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Another great way to protect against a leaky chimney is to get waterproofing chimney maintenance. Ask us for details.

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