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Flue Extensions, Smoke Guards & Hood Enclosures And How They Can Benefit Your Fireplace & Chimney System

There are so many things that can detract from the safety, function and beauty of your fireplace and chimney – some of which are an easy fix, some of which are a big undertaking.

One of the most common complaints we hear here at Fireplace Safety Services is that the system is pouring smoke back into the home and leaving stains on walls, furniture and fireplace facings.

Common Causes Of Smoke Problems Include:

  • Flue blockages
  • Fireplace opening/flue size
  • Flue/chimney height
  • Competing appliances within the home

Although in some cases a rebuild is the only solution, there are many situations in which a simple sheet metal fabrication can help!

Flue Extensions – When & How They Can Help

It’s possible that your smoke problems are due to a flue that is too short to encourage proper draft. In this case, we may simply be able to add a sheet metal flue extension that will add length and reduce smoke problems.

You see, your chimney should be the tallest thing around (if it’s going to have proper draft), and your flue should extend at least 3 feet above the roofline – if this isn’t the case, you’re guaranteed to encounter problems. Our technicians will be able to evaluate your system to determine if this is the likely cause of your smoke problems and fabricate a flue extension that will help alleviate the issue.

Smoke Guards – When & How They Can Help

It’s also entirely possible that your smoke problems are due to the fact that your fireplace opening is too big for your flue liner. If your flue is too small to properly vent the amount of air/smoke that your fireplace opening is allowing in, smoke will billow right back into your home. If this is the source of your problems, we can install a smoke guard, which is a metal component that decreases the size of your fireplace opening, without detracting from your fireplace’s beautiful look. These smoke guards will also help protect your fireplace facing from smoke stains.

Hood Enclosures – When & How They Can Help

A hood enclosure can also help to protect your fireplace facing from smoke stains. These, however, do not reduce fireplace opening size – instead, they’re simply affixed above your fireplace opening.

We Can Create & Install It!

Whatever custom sheet metal component you need, we can create and install it. Give us a call at 415-252-0676 or click here to schedule an evaluation or to discuss our sheet metal work further.


Our quality sheet metal work is just one of the many chimney services that our customers have come to depend on year after year.

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