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We Also Specialize In Sheet Metal Work

Here at Fireplace Safety Services, we care about your chimney and fireplace system as a whole. That’s why our experts are trained to skillfully fabricate pieces for your system from sheet metal. We want your system to look beautiful and function as perfectly as possible. So if your system could benefit from a flue extension, a smoke guard or a hood enclosure, you can count on us to provide you with a beautiful and functional product. Whether we’re working with copper, stainless steel or any other type of sheet metal, the results will be attractive and long lasting.

Some Of The Most Common Work We Do With Sheet Metal:

  • Flue Extensions – If your flue isn’t long enough, it can contribute to improper draft and smoke backdrafting problems. In these situations, we may be able to fix your problems by simply extending your flue with sheet metal. Our experts know exactly how long your flue needs to extend beyond the roofline and can make the necessary adjustments needed to increase draft.
  • Smoke Guards – If your fireplace opening is too large for your flue liner, it’s going to cause smoke to come billowing back into your home. Not only can this cause serious health problems, but it can also stain your belongings, including the facing of your fireplace. Having a smoke guard (constructed of sheet metal) installed can reduce the size of the fireplace opening so that the opening and flue liner are appropriately proportioned.
  • Hood Enclosures – Like smoke guards, hood enclosures can protect your fireplace from the smoke, heat and other byproducts of combustion. Unlike smoke guards, hood enclosures aren’t designed to alter the size of the fireplace opening – they are simply mounted above the opening.

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Are you experiencing smoke problems and staining with your fireplace and chimney? Don’t put off doing something about it! Even though you may be thinking that the only solution is an expensive and time-consuming rebuild, sometimes the problem can be addressed with simple sheet metal work.

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Having a regular chimney sweeping is one of the best things you can do to reduce the risk of unwanted fires and keep your family safe. Schedule this basic service for your chimney today.

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