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Trustworthy, Comprehensive Safety Evaluations Of Your Chimney & Fireplace

Every year, your chimney system and appliance are put to the test by heat, combustion byproducts, moisture and the elements. But if you keep up with annual inspections and maintenance, you can keep your chimney and fireplace looking and working great year after year. For those that don’t use their fireplace all that often the national standard is to have your fireplace system swept and inspected after every 100 fires.

During our inspections, our technicians take a look at all accessible parts of your chimney system, checking for decay, defects, improper installation, moisture, flammable creosote deposits and anything else that can compromise the integrity and safety of the chimney system and appliance. Using a state- of-the-art Chim-Scan® system is currently the most effective to look at the interior of the chimney system and evaluate the integrity of the chimney walls and liner for both performance and safety. We know that when you use your appliance, you need to know that it is ready to work the way it was intended to. With annual Fireplace Safety Services evaluations, you can have the confidence to enjoy your appliance without worry.

Some Common Safety/Longevity Concerns:

  • Deteriorated mortar joints and degradation of the flue tiles – These are serious safety concerns that can lead to fire and hot gases escaping the safe confines of the designed flue system causing a fire in the wood structure of the house.
  • Moisture/Water Damage To Masonry And Metal Components – Water can cause serious harm to your masonry and the metal components of your chimney and appliance including your flue liner, your damper, and your firebox. Unfortunately, most homeowners don’t realize they have a water problem until extensive damage is done, but annual inspections can help detect problems early on.
  • Poor/Improper Construction/Installation – In order to work efficiently and as safely as possible, every element of the chimney system and hearth must be properly built and installed. During an inspection, we check construction, connections and clearances to make sure your system is designed for success.
  • Incompatible Flue/Appliance/Fuel Type – The chimney system relies on physics, and if the size of the flue and appliance are not appropriate, the system simply won’t work properly. When we perform a safety inspection on your system, we’ll check for flue/appliance compatibility, and will also check to make sure your flue is designed to work in conjunction with the fuel type you’re using.
  • Missing Components – All of the components in your chimney system are incredibly important to the safety, efficiency and durability of your entire system. If anything is missing, be it a chimney cap or a flue liner, your system and your home are at risk of fire or other structural damage and decay. As part of our inspection, we’ll alert you to any missing components within your system.
  • Flue Blockages – A blocked or clogged flue will not function properly, and can lead to a chimney fire, inefficiency problems, carbon monoxide poisoning and other problems. But don’t worry, we’ll check for any blockages within your flue during a safety evaluation.
  • Flammable Creosote Deposits – Creosote is a byproduct of combustion and is incredibly flammable. If we notice any creosote deposits during your safety inspection, we’ll recommend a good sweeping to restore the safety of your system.

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If you’re buying or selling a home, you need a real estate evaluation of the fireplace and chimney system. Ask us for more information on this special evaluation service.

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