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Preserve & Enjoy Your Chimney & Fireplace Longer With Yearly Maintenance, Evaluations And Sweepings

The best way to keep your chimney and appliance working the way they were intended to, for as long as they were intended to, and at the safety and efficiency levels they were intended to, is to keep up with annual inspections and sweepings and to contact a professional chimney sweep as soon as you notice any problems or changes.

Our Technicians Are Skilled & Knowledgeable

The technicians here at Fireplace Safety Services are certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) and the National Fireplace Institute (NFI), and know exactly how to properly clean and thoroughly inspect your chimney system, regardless of fuel, flue or appliance type.

The Importance Of Regular Chimney Sweeping

Your safety is our number one priority, which is why we stress the importance of scheduling regular sweepings. With each fire you enjoy in your system, soot and creosote are created and can settle all along the interior of your chimney system and appliance.

If these byproducts aren’t regularly removed by professionals, they can cause serious damage and significantly shorten the life of your chimney and appliance. Not only that, but they can easily and quickly lead to a dangerous chimney fire.

What To Expect With Fireplace Safety Services

When you schedule a sweeping appointment with a Fireplace Safety Services chimney sweep, you’ll enjoy quick, clean and thorough service and honest evaluations. We use top-of-the line techniques and tools to ensure that your chimney and your home stay clean.

In addition to our sweeping services, we also provide quality inspections to help keep you abreast of the condition of your chimney system. Whether you’re moving into a new house and want to know exactly what condition your new chimney system is in or you simply want to make sure your system is safe for use this winter, we can help. We provide the following inspections:

  • Safety Evaluations Of Your Chimney & Fireplace – Every major industry safety organization recommends that every chimney system and heating appliance be professionally inspected annually. This allows us to evaluate the system’s safety and efficiency, and alerts us to any possible areas of concern or weaknesses within the system. Read more about these evaluations here!
  • Real Estate Evaluations – When you purchase or sell a home, it’s a good idea to have the chimney and fireplace, stove or insert professionally inspected. Our technicians are trained in real estate inspections and can provide you with an honest evaluation that will give you the confidence you need to make the purchase or sale final. Click here to read more about our real estate evaluations!

We Can Take Care Of All Of Your Annual Maintenance Needs!

Whatever your annual maintenance needs, you can count on the professional technicians at Fireplace Safety Services. We have decades of experience and knowledge and can guarantee the best in chimney care and customer service. Click here to request an appointment online or call us at 415-252-0676!


When you’re in need of masonry repairs or new construction for your chimney or fireplace, let us be your resource for these important chimney services.

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