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We Install Single-Wall Stainless Steel Liners That Last & Last!

The liner of your chimney is one of the most critical parts of your chimney system and is responsible for containing heat, smoke, gases and other byproducts of combustion and escorting them up and out of the chimney and home.

Unfortunately, many homes were built without chimney liners or have liners that are damaged or improperly installed, all of which are incredibly dangerous. Is your chimney properly lined? A professional Level 2 chimney inspection can alert you to the condition of your liner and help you determine whether or not it’s time to reline or resurface your chimney. Click here to read more about our professional inspection services.

Why Stainless Steel?

The experts at Fireplace Safety Services understand just how important the chimney liner is, which is why we install only the best and most durable liners available. One of the most popular and most durable ways to line or reline a chimney is with a stainless steel liner.

Whether your appliance runs on gas, wood or pellet fuel, a stainless steel liner can work with your system. Approved for use with all fuel types, these liners are designed to take the heat and abuse of even the hottest fires and most corrosive byproducts.

What If My Chimney Is Unique?

Have an odd-shaped or off-set chimney? No problem! We install both M-Flex & rigid stainless steel pipe, which means whether your chimney is as straight as an arrow or as wonky as a maze, we have a stainless steel liner that can work for you.

Why Choose A Single-Wall Stainless Steel Liner?

Many homeowners choose single-wall stainless steel liners because they are incredibly durable, but less expensive than their double-wall counterparts. They can also be manipulated and somewhat squished to adjust to any barrier components within the chimney itself.

Here at Fireplace Safety Services, we use single-wall stainless steel liners from Selkirk Corporation, America’s leading manufacturer of quality liners for over 80 years.

We Can Help You Choose The Right Liner For Your Chimney!

If you’re ready to reline your chimney system, give us a call! We can help you decide if a stainless steel liner is right for your system, and whether or not you would benefit most from a single- or double-wall liner Call 415-252-0676 or click here to schedule online!


What are the advantages to choosing a double-wall liner? Find out more about this stainless steel liner option.

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I am thoroughly happy with the job you did on my new fireplace. Hugh was great to work with and I would recommend him to anyone who is considering a new fireplace. He and his crew were polite, on time, clean, knowledgeable and a pleasure to have in my home.
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