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We Also Install Double-Wall Stainless Steel Pipe!

Whether you know it or not, the liner of your chimney is performing a vital role in keeping your family and home safe while you enjoy the warmth and atmosphere of your fireplace or stove.

  • It’s your liner that keeps the masonry walls of your chimney protected from the high heat and corrosive byproducts (reducing masonry damage)
  • It’s your liner that encourages (hopefully) draft (increasing function & efficiency)
  • And it’s your liner that quickly ushers smoke up and out of your home, before it’s able to cool and settle as flammable creosote (reducing fire risk and blockages/buildup)

Because we understand the important role of the chimney liner, having a chimney without a liner is out of the question. This, however, has not always been the case.

Learning From The Past

For decades, chimneys were built without liners which led to dangerous creosote levels, poor draft, smoke problems and, of course, chimney fires.

If you have an older chimney that’s missing a liner, or a chimney with a damaged, cracked or crumbling clay tile liner, you may want to consider having your chimney system lined with a double-wall stainless steel liner.

Here at Fireplace Safety Services, we install Metalbestos double wall stainless steel pipe, which is approved for use with appliances that run on natural gas, propane (LP) gas, No. 2 oil or wood. We also install a variety of Selkirk’s double wall liners.

The Perks Of The Double-Wall

  • Unlike most of their single-wall counterparts, these liners are smooth on the inside, making them easier to clean and more conducive to draft.
  • Not only are these liners incredibly durable, they provide double the insulation. Because of their double-wall construction, the inner liner is able to retain heat better, which means draft is increased by 20%, and creosote levels are reduced by 20%.
  • A final plus to double-wall stainless steel liners is that the minimum clearance from combustibles is significantly lower than with single-wall liners.

So What’s The Downside?

The downside to double-wall stainless steel liners is that they are:

  • More expensive than single-wall – Stainless steel liners can be quite an investment, and for many homeowners, the price difference between single and double-wall stainless steel liners is a bit too much.
  • Less flexible than single-wall – The double-wall construction calls for a more rigid, heavier pipe, which means that if you need to maneuver the liner around any chimney components, a single-wall liner might be better for you.

We Can Help With Your Decision!

If you’d like to know more about double-wall stainless steel liners and whether or not it’s a smart investment for you, give us a call at 415-252-0676. We’d be more than happy to help you sort through your options! Call or click today!


Depending on your situation, a single-wall stainless steel liner may be your best option and we’d love to talk with you about your choices.

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