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M-Flex & Stainless Steel Pipe – Install A Liner That Will Last

When it comes to your chimney liner, you certainly want to be confident that it was properly installed and is in good working order. And should there come a time when you need to replace it, you want to be confident you’re making the right choice with regard to both product and installer. With Fireplace Safety Services, you have that confidence.

Our technicians know the best products and the best installation practices, and can help you decide which product will be the best investment for you and your family. And once you’ve made your decision, we can provide you with a quick and proper installation, guaranteed.

Why Love Stainless Steel Liners?

Stainless steel liners are beloved for their durability and approved usage with all fuel types. They can withstand even the highest temperatures and most destructive byproducts of combustion. Additionally, these liners typically come with a lifetime warranty and can be used even if you change fuel types in the future.

Why Love M-Flex Liners?

M-Flex liners are some of the best products in the industry and are manufactured here in the U.S. by National Chimney Supply.

  • M-Flex 316L Stainless Steel Liner – These liners are corrugated and UL listed for use with wood, coal, oil, corn, and gas appliances.
  • M-Flex Smoothwall Liner – These liners are especially popular because they increase draft and reduce creosote deposits by 20%. How? Because the interior wall is smooth as opposed to corrugated, these liners don’t create as much resistance.
  • M-Flex Aluminum – M-Flex liners are also available in aluminum. Unlike M-Flex stainless steel liners, aluminum liners are not approved for use with all fuel types, but are great for gas-burning appliances.

And if you have a rectangular flue and need an ovalized liner, that’s not a problem! All M-Flex liners can be ovalized.

We believe in these quality products from National Chimney Supply, all of which come with a transferable, lifetime warranty.

We Can Help You Choose The Right Liner For You

Choosing the right liner for you will depend on several factors, including appliance size and fuel type. Call on the technicians at Fireplace Safety Services for help choosing a chimney liner that will meet your needs and fit with your budget. Reach us at 415-252-0676, or click here to contact us online. We look forward to hearing from you!


HeatShield® and Ahrens are two other chimney relining options that might work better for you, so ask us for more information.

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