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Is Your Poorly Constructed Crown Putting Your Chimney System In Danger?

The crown of your chimney is arguably one of the most important components when it comes to protection. It covers the opening at the top of the chimney stack and prevents water, debris, animals, birds and insects from entering the chimney opening and destroying the components inside. Unfortunately, many crowns are made of a very flat, thin layer of mortar which ends at the edges of the chimney. What many people don’t realize is that this is actually a terrible design for the chimney crown.

What Makes A Quality Crown?

  • A well designed, quality chimney crown should be shaped so that as rain hits it, it runs down and off of the crown, as opposed to resting and gathering on the crown’s surface.
  • A good crown should also extend at least 2 ½ inches past the edge of the chimney stack, so that it doesn’t dump water down into and onto the masonry of the chimney.
  • Many crowns are made of mortar, but a good chimney crown will be made of concrete, often with supportive fibers throughout.
  • If the crown is to last, it needs to be of adequate thickness. At the very thinnest part of the crown, it should be at least 2 inches thick.

In many cases, we find that crowns are built with no mind to what kind of weather abuse they will face or what their true purpose is. We find crowns built of an incredibly thin layer of mortar, with no “drip edge”, and no angling to encourage rain to run off. It’s these crowns that we most often get called to repair because they simply can’t stand up to the test of time and will eventually allow water to seep into the chimney system itself.

Expert Crown Repairs That Last

If your crown was poorly constructed or is allowing water to access your chimney system, we can help. We can build a new crown that will provide you with the protection you need. Our experts understand masonry inside and out, and know how to construct a crown that’s both beautiful and functional. For all your crown repair and construction needs, call on Fireplace Safety Services at 415-252-0676. You can also schedule an appointment online – click here!


Repointing or tuckpointing may be just the masonry repair you need to restore your chimney to maximum function and safety.

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