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If You Need Quality Brickwork, You Can Count On The Pros At Fireplace Safety Services

When a brick is stained and discolored or begins to crumble (spalling), crack or decay, it can make the entire chimney or hearth look shabby. Not only that, but as the brick deteriorates, it reduces the safety and structural integrity of the entire structure.

But replacing a brick or a section of brick is an incredibly difficult job and requires care, skill, proper tools and an extensive knowledge and understanding of masonry. Fortunately, the masons at Fireplace Safety Services have all of those things. Our technicians spend a great deal of time studying historic masonry and perfecting techniques so that we can offer our clients the best and most beautiful brickwork and tuckpointing work.

What about Bricks in the Firebox?

We are experts at replacing firebox bricks and making those repairs so you can safely use your fireplace. When we do an evaluation we will check to make sure your firebox is in good working order. We check for any cracking, dislocation, spalling and other factors that may show deterioration in the brick or mortar joints. Making those repairs is a must to keep your system healthy.

How Do We Remove & Replace Damaged Brick?

When we do brick replacement, we start by carefully removing the bricks that need replacing, using a variety of specialized tools and a large amount of care. This part of the process requires a high level of patience and caution, and if not done properly, can end up causing damage to the surrounding bricks. Next we clean and prep the site before laying new brick to match the existing as best as possible.

For Expert Results, Call The Experts!

Whether your chimney and hearth are historic or relatively new, it’s important that you leave your brick replacement and repair to the experts. Careful consideration has to be made to the age and makeup of the original materials used, as the replacement materials need to be similar in appearance and structural makeup and composition. When you rely on the experts at Fireplace Safety Services for your brickwork, you can be confident that the results will be just as natural, durable and beautiful as you hoped.

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To protect your chimney from the unwanted intrusion of water, critters and debris, you may need to have a chimney cap repaired, replaced or installed. Call on us for this masonry repair service today.

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Mike and Kelly did a great job! Mike is such a fascinating guy in that he has a true passion for his work and his knowledge is beyond reproach. He’s a great guy to heave on your team! Thanks again for your help!
~ David D., San Francisco