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Use This Summer To Rebuild, Restore, and Renovate Your Chimney and Fireplace!

Summer has finally arrived! In the season of long days and lots of sun, few homeowners even think about their fireplaces. Even if you aren’t planning on using your fireplace again until fall, now may be the perfect time to have repairs made.

Is your fireplace out of date, damaged, or simply doesn’t match your style? If so, you don’t have to live with it forever! Instead, take advantage of the low use season to have Use This Summer To Rebuild Image - San Francisco CA - Fireplace Safety Servicesyour chimney system rebuilt, restored, or renovated.

When to rebuild.

A fireplace or chimney rebuild might seem like a costly and time consuming project. However, investing in your home with a newly rebuilt fireplace can add value and improve safety.

Rebuilds are typically recommended in cases where:

  • Improper materials were used to build the original system.
  • There has been serious damage from a fire or natural disaster.
  • The structural integrity of the fireplace or chimney has been compromised.

By choosing to rebuild your chimney, homeowners get the unique opportunity to help design an entirely new fireplace system. Everything can be customized to match your style and budget. Plus, our Chimney Safety Institute of America trained craftsmen will help you create a chimney system that is as functional and safe as it is stylish!

When to restore.

Has your well-loved fireplace has seen better days? Well then, summer provides the perfect opportunity to restore it to its former glory! Restoration is often used on homes with historical or original fireplaces and chimneys. In addition to those with cosmetic, rather than functional, issues. Restoring a fireplace can be as easy as cleaning the brick, adding a few new accessories, installing a new chimney cap, or relining the flue.

When to renovate.

Does your fireplace not match the style of the rest of your home? If so, a fireplace renovation can makeover the look and feel of your fireplace and turn it into the focal point of any room! Both fireplaces and chimneys can be renovated to match your preferred décor style. New hearths or fireplace surrounds inside. Even new chimney caps or chimney chases outside can completely makeover your existing system.

A fireplace renovation can also help you switch fuel sources. Does your current fireplace burn wood, but you prefer easier and more efficient gas? Maybe you have a gas fireplace and would prefer the look and feel of real wood? If so, a new insert can be used to change fuel sources! Inserts can often be easily installed into an existing hearth. The chimney may need to be relined in order to maximize safety and efficiency with the new fuel source.

This summer, maximize your fireplace’s off season by having it rebuilt, restored, or renovated. At Fireplace Safety Services, our highly trained staff can help turn your existing chimney system into the fireplace of your dreams. For more information on fireplace rebuilds, renovations, or remodels, contact us today!

Wood Burning Versus Gas Fireplaces

Wood versus gas is one of the most hotly debated topics in the fireplace industry. Devotees on each side are making persuasive arguments as to why their fuel source is better. However, the kind of fuel source that is best for your family often depends on a number of factors.

Wood Burning Versus Gas Fireplaces Image - San Francisco CA - Fireplace Safety ServicesThese include things such as:

  • The size of your home.
  • How often it will be used.
  • The cost of upkeep.
  • The amount of heat that is needed.
  • Personal preference.

There is no simple answer when it comes to which fuel source is better. They both have their pros and cons. We will look at several different categories. This will help you determine whether wood or gas is better for your home!

Difficulty of Use

Advantage: Gas

Gas fireplaces can be turned on with the literal push of a button. This makes them ideal for homeowners who want to use their fireplaces in short spurts or only use them a few times each year.

Wood fireplaces require considerably more work to use. In addition to cutting, stacking, and storing firewood, building and maintaining a wood fireplace requires constant supervision and attention.

Fuel Cost and Sustainability

Advantage: Wood

Firewood can be easily purchased from hardware or home improvement stores, as well as bought at even greater discounts in large quantities from private firewood sellers. Wood also has the advantage of being a renewable resource, meaning the amount of wood available is not finite and more is constantly being created.

While natural gas is a relatively inexpensive fuel source the pilot light remains lit all year long, costing you money even when the fireplace is not in use. Likewise, gas is a fossil fuel and a nonrenewable resource.

Fireplace Maintenance

Advantage: Gas

Gas fireplaces have easier day to day cleaning and maintenance; with no soot and ash to contend with after use, cleaning a gas fireplace is often as easy as wiping off the glass. While annual maintenance and cleaning by a fireplace professional is recommended, many homeowners are happy to never see an ash bucket again.

Burning wood requires more time and upkeep. In addition to sweeping soot and ash after every use, an annual chimney sweeping and inspection is necessary. This keeps your wood fireplace burning safely and efficiently.


Advantage: Wood

There is something distinctly magical about sitting in front of a crackling fire. A wood burning fire instantly creates a welcoming atmosphere. It also transforms your home to a cozy oasis, even on the dreariest of winter days.

Modern gas fireplaces are significantly more realistic than their older counterparts. However, they lack the same immersive quality as their wood burning counterparts.

And the Winner is…

Advantage: You!

Ultimately, the best fuel source is whatever is best for your family. There are pros and cons to both wood and gas fireplaces. Personal preference is often the most important factor when choosing your next heating appliance. For more information on both gas and wood fireplaces contact Fireplace Safety Services today!

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